In order to participate in the "When I grow up project", you need to write a submission.

Here is the breakdown.

  1. Write us a submission email to partecipate and to receive the form.
  2. Participate

    Yes No Yes No

    I, the undersigned teacher of in class located in Province I know that to send pictures of my class I will have to provide the "When I grow project up" form, with the signatures of the parents of the pupils photographed.
    You can ask for a photo shoot in your city by participating in the European twinning notice.
    You can participate in the project by taking pictures and sending them to the project to fit the site.

  3. Register your Class Action to send the picture, once received the form you can shoot the images dressing the children according to the profession they want to do as adults.
  4. Send us your portraits once they are ready using WeTransfer. Please keep in mind that our team does not print actions with less than 50 portraits.
    If you would like to request to be an exception, you can do so when you register!
    All portraits must be named using our system explained in our guidelines - if not we will not print them!
  5. The "When I grow up project" team will put your pictures in the gallery and on the world's map.